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Above Ground Pools Sacramento

With all the different types of Pool Builder Sacramento out in the market, you might wonder what pool you would like to have in your backyard. A pool is not complete without the materials and installation process. In short, we are talking about the budget you’re willing to work around with. In this case, above ground pool is the right one for you. Before you get started, you have to know the process so you can have an idea. You also have to look for a contractor to undertake the job. The process will depend on the type of material to use for the build. If you want to get started, Above Ground Pools Sacramento will show you how.

Above Ground Pools Sacramento CA

The Different Types of Above Ground Pools

You that you will have an idea of what to choose, you have to think about cost, durability, and lifespan. With that said, let’s familiarize the three.

    • Inflatable.  The inflatable pool is the cheapest and the most convenient type of above ground pool. All you need is a sturdy flat surface, and then you’re all set. This type of pool is not durable, so don’t expect it to last long.

    • Resin or Metal Frame Pools.  This type of above ground pool depends on the outer framework to hold the entire pool. This will cost you a bit, but you can use it for many years, including Pool Cleaning and Repair Sacramento and maintenance.

    • Rigid Wall Pools.  If you want a pool that can stand the test of time, this above ground pool is right for you. It’s made up of a metal frame from the wall up to the basin. This is more expensive than the two, but you can count on it to last longer.

The Size and Shape of Your Pool

You have to think about the size and shape of your above ground pool since this will be installed in your backyard. In addition, you have to factor in the cost of the maintenance.

The available space will determine the actual size of your pool. This also includes the water expenses. Above ground, pools are available in the following forms: rectangular, wading pools, large pools, and oval. If you want to talk about the shape of your pool for your backyard, call Above Ground Pools Sacramento.

DIY v.s. Contractor

Without a doubt, above ground pool is easier to install compared to inground pools, and it only takes about two or three people to install the pool. Installing above ground pool as DIY can last until three days. For larger pools, hiring a contractor makes more sense.


You can’t just install an above ground pool right away; you will need permits to make it happen. The permit will depend on the maximum capacity of the pool. Since all above-ground pools need permits, you can ask the permitting department for additional information. You might need to ask for a permit for a GFCI outlet.

It’s All About The Location

Your pool should be at a distance of 21 feet from your home so that you have access to a GFCI outlet.

Make sure that your pool is not in proximity to power lines, and it shouldn’t be under a tree. Various distances may vary from state to state; make sure you ask your pool experts at Above Ground Pools Sacramento regarding local building codes and restrictions.

The Best Above Ground Pool in Sacramento
Now that you know the requirements of owning an above ground pool, all you need is someone to make it happen. If you want to know more, call Above Pool Grounds Sacramento.

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